Ram Raja Temple – Orchha

raja-ram-palace-temple-at-orchhaHow Ram Raja is Served.

This is the only temple where Lord Ram is worshipped as a king and that also in a palace. A Guard of Honour is held everyday, police personnel have been designated as Guards at the temple, much in the manner of a king. Armed salutation is provided to Lord Ram everyday three times.. Even today the very first invitation card of any Hindu wedding in the region is sent to Raja Ram.

Story Behind Temple.

The King of Orchha King Madhukar Shah Ju Dev (1554 to 1592) (मधुकर शाह जू देव) was a devotee of Banke Bhihari (Lord Krishna) of  Vrindavan while his wife Ganesh Kunwari (गणेश कुंवरि), also called Kamla Devi, was a devotee of Lord Ram.

Due to some misunderstanding King asked his wife to bring Lord Ram in child form then only he believe that she is ture devotee of Lord Ram. At the end she prove it that she is.Ram raja temple

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