Parwanoo Timber Trail – An enthralling experience

Parwanoo Timber Trail – An enthralling experience

Parwanoo is a small industrial town in the Solan District of Himachal Pradesh. Located 35 Kms away from Chandigarh and 20 Kms from Panchkula, it is one of the most sought-after places to visit on the Chandigarh-Simla highway. It is spread over a radius of 4 Kms across the Shivalik Range. The historic Kalka – Simla railway line also passes through this town and the station is called Taksal. Just a few miles to the north of the town on the Simla highway is the famous resort with a cable car – The Timber Trail. The summers are pleasant while it gets very cold in the winters, although it does not experience any snow fall. It is an ideal place for nature walks and for trekking. Nature lovers find it apt for a pleasant and relaxed walk around the pine and fir trees. This picturesque landscape offers many trekking trails around beautiful hills and forests.

Earlier it was just a small village, which was transformed into a busy industrial town over the years. Many factories operate from here, manufacturing plastics to fruit based products, watch parts and motor parts also. HPMC, home to the largest fruit processing unit is located here. The fruit orchards add more charm to the place. Fruit products like jams, jellies, juices and preserves are produced from these fruits and the contribution they make to the economy is substantial.

Accessibility -:

One can reach Parwanoo from Chandigarh as well as Kalka through buses and cabs. The nearest airport is Chandigarh. The best time to visit is from July to September.

Timber Trail

Many tourists are flocking to The Parwanoo timber trail now days. The valley lies between two adjoining hills of the Shivalik Range are connected by a Cable Car. It is a very popular tourist spot. The main attraction is a ride in the cable car. It has a capacity of 10-12 people and it ferries tourists from the Timber Trail Resort to the Timber Trail Heights. A spellbinding of view of the Kaushalya River can be seen below the cable car. In just a few minutes, one is able to cover a distance of 1.8 Kms. It is an enchanting view 5000 ft above the sea level. It is a ride you will never forget.

Places around Parwanoo-:

  1. Renuka – Renuka Lake is situated 132 Kms from Parwanoo. This dazzling lake with underground springs is believed to be the largest in Himachal Pradesh.
  2. Subathu – The Gorkha fort, which was built in the 19th century is the main highlight of Subathu. It is 16 Kms away from Parwanoo.
  3. Dagshai – Located 28 Kms from Parwanoo, It is not very popular, but Dagshai has a fresh beauty of its own. It is a favourite spot for nature-lovers. There are beautiful pine and deodar trees leading to an ancient church.
  4. Pinjore – Just 10 Kms from Parwanoo, it is also known as Yadavindra Gardens portrays a magnificent garden which reminds us of the Mughal Gardens.
  5. Kasauli – Located at a height of 5900 Ft, it is a calm and serene hill station developed by the Britishers. Manki Point in Kasauli is a must-visit.

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