Chail – A Hiker’s Paradise

Chail – A Hiker’s Paradise

Located at an average height of 2250m, Chail is a hill station in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Beautiful forests with gigantic deodar trees and chir pine trees surround Chail. It is a calm and serene place, 49 kms away from the hustle-bustle of Shimla. The world’s highest cricket ground is in Chail. A polo ground and the cricket ground are at an altitude of 2444m. The royal family of Patiala owned them. It is a hiker’s paradise. In the year 1891, when Lord Kitchener restricted Maharaja Bhupinder Singh’s entry into Shimla, he decided to make Chail his summer capital. Chail is famous for the Chail Palace.

Climate of Chail

Chail has a pleasant climate in the summers, while it gets pretty cold in the winters. It receives an average rainfall of 150mm. The best time to visit Chail is from April to September.

Tourist Attractions

  1. Chail Cricket Ground – Built in the year 1893, this is the highest cricket ground in the world. It is very well maintained and is used by the Chail Military School. It has a basket ball court too. It is used as a polo ground during school vacations. The ground is also used as a football ground, since it has goal posts. There is an ancient tree in this ground, which has been converted into a beautiful tree house by the Military School.
  2. Chail Sanctuary – Sadhupal – Many distinct species of animals are found in the Chail sanctuary.
  3. Chail Gurudwara – Built in the year 1907 by the Maharaja of Patiala, the Chail Gurudwara is an attractive building with a wooden roof.
  4. Chail Military School – Built by the Maharaja of Patiala, this ancient building stands tall.

Audacious Activities

As stated earlier, Chail is a hiker’s paradise and much-liked by those who daring and like to take risks. There are a host of adventurous activities for tourists, which makes their visit worthwhile.

  1. Flying Fox – A very dangerous activity, the flying fox can only be performed after being trained by professionals under expert supervision. It feels as if one is flying in the forests.
  2. Bamboo Bridge Adventure Activities – This activity involves crossing a river over a bamboo bridge.
  3. Rope Walk – As the name suggests, one needs to walk over a rope at a high altitude and maintain their balance. It is a very exciting yet risky task.
  4. Tyre Bridge – This bridge is made up of tyres in the form of a chain and there are hand rails on both sides but the balance needs to be maintained.
  5. Burma Bridge – This bridge is made up of cables and is very dangerous. Protection is provided to the tourists for performing this task.
  6. Rock Rappelling – This is another risky task and should be performed under the guidance of experienced instructors only.
  7. Commando – This task required walking over a network of ropes as in a spider web.

How to Reach Chail

  • By Air – The nearest airport is Jubbar Hati Airport and it is 63 kms from Chail. One can hire a taxi from there. Flights to Delhi and Chandigarh are available from here. Delhi is connected to all major cities of India and the World.
  • By Rail – Located 86 Kms away, Kalka is the nearest railhead. One can hire a taxi or board a bus to reach Chail. One can hire a taxi from Chandigarh also, which is 95 kms from Chail.
  • By Road – One can board a deluxe or regular bus from Shimla. Buses to nearby cities are available from Chail.

Chail is worth a visit if one wants to take a nice adventurous vacation and escape the heat of the summer months!

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